Diana Hensley Photography

Diana Hensley is a South Dakota native, currently residing in Minnesota. In the late 1990's her work and travel led her to remote places with many abandoned structures.  As a student at Augustana College she began a photojournalistic study of the prairie and its changing demographics. She continues to work with black and white film and digital cameras, specializing in the disappearing facets of rural life.

Feel free to look through her portfolio for a sample of her work. If you have any questions, please call or use the contact link above.

Diana has photographed many pieces of history that are no longer on our landscape. She has traveled to all 50 states, and to Japan and Russia. Diana's preferred method for capturing historic objects is black and white film. When she does work with digital cameras, she does not alter her images digitally; instead choosing to print them as taken.

116 S Kniss Ave, Luverne, MN | 507-227-7654